I like to deal with fragments. Because no matter what the thought would be if it were fully worked out, it wouldn’t be as good as the suggestion of a thought that the space gives you. Nothing fully worked out could be so arresting, spooky.
— Anne Carson 
I make abstract work because I am interested in its potential to operate in a realm in which beauty and tension simultaneously exist without explanation or narrative.
In my paintings and drawings, I employ a series of processes, scraping away, erasing, redrawing or repainting, ultimately bringing to the forefront, fragmented tangent points, tangled structures, patched, disjointed and abutted forms. These agents constitute spaces of ambiguity, places I call, the poetic realm of the incomplete, the fragment, ruin and residue of -"almost was, “and "might become," where discovery and invention are uncovered and reconfigured; their location and specificity remain in question.
My small sculptures, assorted amalgams of contradictory materials, again are a response to abstraction’s incongruity. My photography operates as meditations on the abstraction of the everyday, ordinary moments decontextualized, and in constructed tableaus that address personal and social histories. They fill the gap between painting and drawing amplifying and extending my work.
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